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Kalami Bay Center

Kalami Bay Center is an incorporating business, which includes:

(tourism enterprices)
(gift shop)


Thomas Katsaros, born in Kalami himself, started the business, with Alexandra's, his wife's, assistance, by opening the very well known tavern “Thomas's Place” in 1985.

The increasing demand, coming from our friends and customers for further services, drove Thomas to extend his business into new fields.

Therefore, in 1989 the travel agency “Sunshine Travel ” was established, which continues offering its services up to this date, under Angeliki's and George's management.

In 1990 “Kalami Craft ” a pretty little gift shop was the next business step.

Lovely, fascinating, hand made objects became a whole treasured world to be taken back home, by our friends.



Thomas's Place Tavern

In 1985, at “grandmother's Vasiliki's home, which was built in Kalami before 1900, at the ground floor (“Katogi” is the traditional Corfiot word for it) Thomas' s dream started becoming true.

Thomas's love for his birth place and a purely sentimental force in the very beginning were the dreamy material which created the tavern “Pepe's”. The tavern was named after Vasiliki's brother, who had passed away.

Thomas had stood by him, besides his wife Alexandra, his father Spiros, his mother Magdalena and his brother Dimitris.

Spiros, the father, was an original Corfiot character, a man who knew how to overcome life's difficulties with a real talent of what we call “joy of life”.

“Pipis” is no longer with us but he is still somewhere around with his “Kaiki”, always in the hearts of our friend-customers, for he loved them too in a jenuine way and treasured them with his jokes and his endless happy disposition.

The tavern, at the beginning, having nothing but the love and interest of Thomas's family, proved that had a great potential for surviving.

Year after year, the tavern was blessed by a loyal clientele which felt more like being hosted by a good friend and much less served impersonally.

To the tavern's success can be added the traditional greek cuisine, its unique position by the waves and its atmospheric, local colour.

Today, the tavern continues to hold the preferences of Kalami's visitors and has changed its name from “Pepe's” to “Thomas's Place”. It is equipped in a modern fashion, but always respects the traditional cuisine which made it famous.

Sunshine Travel

Sunshine Travel” was established in 1989. It is a travel agency, which was created to cover, the best possible way, our friend-customers' various needs. Today it is under Angeliki's and George's management, for whom Thomas happens to be their best man and in the team is included Lefki who also happens to be Thomas's childhood friend!

The agency offers the following services:

Accommodation: At Kalami and nearby locations (luxurious villas, traditional villas, apartments by the sea, studios, youth hostel, family pancion).

Excurtions: To famous spots of Corfu, to Ionian islands, to the nearby mainland and also to Albania .

*Local Boat Excurtions: East coast cruise, Homer B.B.Q, Mitsos fishing trips.

*Fun And Happenings:
Calypso cruise (sea water show)
Diving at Nissaki.

*Adventure And Tradition:

Exciting excursions to Pantocrator Mountain (highest spot of Corfu ) and Old Perithia (traditional village built 3 centuries ago).


From and to the airport.
To various destinations all over Corfu .


Cars (All cars can be delivered at the airport at the arrival date and be returned there on the departure date)
Mountain bikes


*Special Services:
Medical service (Doctor's availability 24 hours per day)
Baby sitting
Super Market delivery. (Special products for mothers and young babies also available)
Internet services
When possible organizing transport to local festivals.


Kalami Craft” is a gift shop, which was created by Thomas in 1990.
Hand made objects, hand painted ceramics and pottery, silver jewellery and very original Byzantine style icons hand painted on wooden objects are some of the things you can find there. Little things for you to treasure and remember through them your holidays at Kalami.



Sunshine Travel
Tourism Enterprises
Trust us to plan everything for you and just enjoy!

Address: Kalami bay, 49 083, Corfu, Greece
Tel - Fax: ++30 26630 91170

copyright © 2004 - 2011 by Sunshine Travel

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